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Brief, But Not Light Stories:

Here are two brief stories that I never thought I’d publish. Too personal, too serious. But events have changed this. Find it on my blog page.

From the Heart – Stories of Love and Life


From the Heart Final 4 WordPress

Just released on Amazon! Entered in the popular From Pen to Publish 2017 competition.

Six moving and engrossing stories that you can feel.

Collection includes:

  • Heart Buddies
  • Life After
  • Mouse Mat
  • A Worm Among the Flowers
  • The Legacy You Leave
  • Love in a Teapot

Carlo seems a perfect husband. Why can’t Nicky go with the happiness within her reach?

Rita worked really hard to live up to it all. And then she failed. How can something good come from all the pain?

A child lies in bed, scared and alone. Will Daddy and Mummy be there for her? Finding an answer takes a lot of growing up. But the lessons of the good times remain to help.

The ladies bridge club. Long time friends struggling to hang on as the Autumn leaves fall around them.

What was the secret to Greg’s ability to be loyal to his work and foster his dreams for his sons? And what toll did it take?

Sue and her mother had formed a tight bond, a wall against the conflict and pain in their life. But when does that wall become a prison?

Moving and heart-warming, these short stories about love and the emotions that get in the way, are an antidote to the fears that haunt the nights of all of us.

If you enjoy Amanda Prowse, give these stories a try.

Let me know what you think.

Have a look at my new book HERE

Choose: Snakes or Ladders


Typewriter and rose lemonado 10%

Choose: Snakes or Ladders – A Psychological Coming-of-Age Novel. 

My first novel. It’s Available Now!
  • “... creates a rare innocence and sense of religious guilt … in a world which is no longer so innocent…
  • “… a great read…”
  • …not for the prudish.”

In 1950’s Australia, 16 year-old Mitty, brought up in strict puritanical sect, escapes to a typist job in the city as a step to fulfilling movie-inspired dreams of being a lady. She takes pride in her manners, appearance and new secretary role. This pride is also her defense against her value conflicts and ingrained fear of life. 

 She is hampered by deep fears of hell and punishment, and utter ignorance of the acts of life.

She develops a crush on her boss, and this leads her to increasingly sensual discoveries. She vacillates between self-pleasure and self-reproach and flashbacks to warnings of hell. She meets Col, kind and decent. She is torn between the two men and more potently, between her ambition and the safety she feels with Col and his expectations of her as a typical housewife.

Aunt Charity has exerted a punitive and envious control over Mitty, her mother and her grandmother. Mitty unwittingly pushes her Mother to flout her sister.

In a dramatic and tense path through personal danger and her own stifling guilt, Mitty must find a solution that out-smarts the pressures from 1950’s society and male power.

You can buy Sally Forest’s first novel: “Choose: Snakes or Ladders….”, right now!

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