It was amazing. Who would think that a new passion could be found accidentally, out of nowhere?

One day after retirement I decided to try writing fiction.

I started with a short description. In a few minutes and then a few weeks, it grew from one page to many. Before I’d really thought about it I found myself writing a novel.

A particular character, a young woman stood up on the page. I didn’t decide who or when she lived. She appeared fully in her time, struggling with the challenges for a young woman then. I found her. I didn’t invent her.

Graham Swift (when discussing his novel Mothering Sunday) wrote:

“The imagination can do remarkable things. I believe that it can even take you to the truth about things, … things of which even you don’t have direct personal experience yourself.”

I hope that as you read you will find some truths as well, and an emotional journey that will engage and intrigue you. Most of all, I hope you have the wonderful joy of becoming lost in a good book.

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